Even tiny, a garden is a luxury, especially in town! Less obvious to arrange a larger area, it can become a bloomed Eden.

Here are 20 basic tips:


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At the heart of urban and residential areas, courtyards and small gardens, sometimes reclaimed from the concrete, turn out to be spaces increasingly popular because they are pleasant to frequent and full of life, despite a difficult and thankless environment (minimal sunshine, confined atmosphere, sometimes degraded soils…).

Here are some tips to make the small size an asset to accommodate the lack of space and perspective through simple principles. Judicious space arrangement, staging neat decor, wise choice of plants and materials… but also proper care and some tricks allowing to push the limits of these smaller spaces, creating the illusion that they are surprising vast as they look… You will know all the tricks to beautify a small garden and transform it into a real outdoor space.

Draw the diagonal

In a square or rectangular garden, draw a diagonal of the greatest possible length. You will produce the impression that the garden is bigger than it really is by providing it more depth.
Materialize this axis to the ground by drawing a path, for example, and do not take up too much space with large plantations.
To close the perspective, you can place an ornament object as a focal point.

Divide the space

Compartmentalize the garden with hedges, shrubbery or trellises.
These separations delimit spaces welcoming various floral arrangements, and different styles of ornaments create a garden with many facets.

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To escape the confinement effect provoked by too much compartmentalization, opt for low hedges, about 80 cm, which divide the space without enclosing it.

Vary the levels

Use of the existing relief and creating levels (rubble walls or log, interlacing…) enliven the garden and produce a feeling of space. Indeed, a promontory offers beautiful views across the garden and, perhaps, of the surrounding landscape.

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Conversely, achieving a recessed area of about thirty centimeters from the original ground level creates a haven offering total immersion in the privacy of the garden.

Clear limits

Group the plantations on the outskirts of the garden, by leaning them against the backing fences, wire nettings or walls. Avoid well-trimmed hedges, which underline the limits of a plot.

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Arrange the plants according to their height and their scale by placing the lowest in the foreground and the larger in the background. By concealing the border of the garden and by operating a progressive transition plant with its environment, it appears larger.

Occupy the surrounding décor


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Look around the garden, as they sometimes reveal, beyond the limits, some remarkable landscapes and unique architectural details – bell tower, building. Then it is wise to preserve vistas on these external ornaments and play with them concerning the choice of plants. Here, for example, grasses recall the grain fields.

Create strong points

The lack of horizon, the presence of walls or buildings reinforce the impression of isolation and imply to establish very attractive points in the garden.


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The more it is, the more important it is to select plants combining several advantages as an original silhouette, evergreen plant or a beautiful blossoming. Added to this are the selection and installation of decorative items carefully staged, which will enrich the frame, capture attention and will help to forget the small size of the place.

Caring highlighting

Extending the house, a small garden is during the summer, a real extra room you need tweaking the atmosphere, starting with the lighting.


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Brighten and secure frequented areas such as the dining area or walks. But remember that massive, decorative objects or remarkable trees also deserve a highlighting using discrete spots embedded in the ground, for example.

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