In vogue actually, if you have important surfaces, this kind of landscaping plans is an ideal choice, both beautiful and not expensive to create.

The decorative effects that are obtained with this sort of home landscaping ideas are really superb and offer weeks after weeks a gorgeous spectacle, changing and natural.

You must take care of the soil preparation and of the seeds.
For the best results, check out these points:

– crumble finely your soil;

– if your soil is overrun by self-propagating herbs, let germinate them for a period of approximately ten days, then pull up them and seed your plants after two or three days;

– use small quantity of seeds (for a square meter, 0.04 to 0.14 oz), which is difficult to realize in practical terms. So, calculate the quantity for all the surface area, and seed mixed with sand, fine compost or buckwheat husk. Seeding with exaggerated quantity gives less good results;

– seed in warmed up soil: ideally, between march and may, depending of the regions, or autumn for “lasting several years’ combination”;

– it is not necessary to water in general, except case of dryness and when seeding;

– don’t use fertilizers because they encourage the growing of the plants to the detriment of their blooming;

– at the end of autumn, crush the prairie in order to permit to the plants to seed themselves naturally.

This type of ideas for landscaping is very pleasant.

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