An original idea for landscaping gardens can be an aquatic garden.

You are thinking to the aquatic garden that you want to realize your dream ; stop thinking, you just need an broad and large component that will be used as a basin, and of course specific plants. The idea is very attractive and its location depends on the size you want to give it and the area of your home. You can place it in the middle, to attract attention, or in a difference in ground level or in a corner.

You may as well have also a flower garden. There are many

How to make a garden: FLOATING PLANTS

Like any plant species, shapes, textures and varied foliage of aquatic plants may be assorted and harmonized; these that float have round leaves, while those which are immersed are narrow and elongated.


In addition to aquatic plants, do not neglect those used to establish the edges of the basin. If you want your water garden creates a feeling of natural space, it is advisable to randomly dispose the plants around the poolside. Of course, it is better than they match with floating plants to reproduce also the harmony of nature. A more elaborate pool will require to carefully select the plants, limiting their diversity, and plan ahead their installation.

Ideas for landscaping: MARRY THE SPECIES

You must consider the flowering period of aquatic plants if you want to keep a blooming garden. Those in green leaves serve as background, because they last longer than those with flowers; combining these two types, you customize your garden. In addition to the specimens you can buy already developed, you can also sow appropriate seeds in water and you will see that new plants will emerge from the surface.


For the maintenance of a water garden, you must remove the leaves from the surface of water, control weeds on edges along with the foam of the paving. Plants also require basic care. We must protect them from diseases because, like other garden plants, they may be affected by aphids, fungus and root rot.
Around the pool, you can install the garden furniture to decorate your modern water garden.


All the water garden plants do not float. Those who are in the part of the basin closest to the water are wetland plants. They grow in the most flooded, barely submerged in water, because they are strongly rooted in the ground. Typha latifolia and Hydrocotyle are two examples. The plants that are in need of very moist soils, such as water lily, primrose or gunnera are indicated for the far edge of the water.

The curious waterlily: paradoxically, some, like the lily, do not like the movement of water and should be planted out of the water. Others, on the contrary, live completely submerged. Among the most common plants, there are different species of algae, water violets, elodea and pondweed. All are growing very quickly, so avoid planting them too many.


The water garden is very attractive among the ideas for landscaping, add aesthetic and original value to your home, we can combine different species of flowers and plants in an natural (but all the same ordered) manner.

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