A landscape idea can be a blooming edge.

You want to realize a hedge and in the same time embellish your garden. Your ideas for landscaping for your own garden are clear enough.

For you, a hedge created with thuja, cypress, laurel rhyme with ordinariness and austerity, then, opt for a blooming hedge with shimmering colors, which will surprise you season after season, with all the shade of colors it will show you.

It’s by mixing species, colors, heights and forms that you give a decorative appearance to your landscape, which is developing year after year, depending on blooming and colors of the foliage.

Your type of hedge well determined, it remains to you to choose now the varieties of your shrubs, their arrangements, in order to obtain the colors’ variations of your harmonious hedge.

If necessary, you will choose evergreen species to isolate yourself from the eyes of your neighbourhood both on summer and winter.

To have a harmonious blooming hedge and take advantage of palette of colors during the whole year, stay up to:

– choose at least three different species. If you have more space available, opt for five different species. The final result will be even better.

– lay your species according to their blooming period.

Prepare your soil by spading it on october and seeding on november, to avoid the first freezes.

If necessary, follow up your plantings when spring is beginning.  How to make a garden requires some precise steps.

You will surely discover the garden of your dreams here: thousands QUALITY IDEAS for landscaping.